This URL is a challenge to ES&S – Demonstrate in situ how your products exceed the accuracy of hand counts.

A number of hand counts in elections are being accepted by officials as being more accurate than machine counts. Why doesn’t ES&S demonstratively defend their products’ error rates against the hand counts? They obviously can’t they show in situ that their products have lower error rates than hand counts. ES&S and Dominion election products suppliers are known to file lawsuits for up to billions of dollars against the likes of Mike Lindell who expose their products’ failures, yet all the while the companies themselves refuse to put up any of their own money to protect their products’ reputations by testing the products in situ against the many hand counts that are proving the machines to have illegally high error rates. It makes no sense that they refuse to prove their own products’ accuracy like this while trying to steal from the likes of Mike Lindell to protect their reputation.

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Robert Borer's ES&S research, just one of several pages
Scott County, IA example of ES&S machine malevolent operation (you won't be able to copy/paste from that site)
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Ocean Township, New Jersey school board race - a post-election audit failed to detect this ES&S flaw

Omaha, Nebraska - not as innocent as you thought it was!

Did you know  that Omaha is home to “the sugar daddy of the entire pro-abortion movement”? Read that again if you missed the word “entire”. (Do your own web search on that phrase - include the quotation marks)

Thieves are targeting God's people sacred votes

Omaha churches...Nebraska churches, WHERE ARE YOU?! The devil got your tongues?

Did you know  that computerized vote-counting products in election offices around the WORLD keep getting “shut down” at the end of the election day BEFORE their final vote counts are made public? Ex-employees of the election products companies doing this tell us the reason – this shutdown allows coordination between vote-counting corruption efforts to alter campaign races vote counts so that privileged races, if about to lose the race, can be advantaged with enough secret malicious vote count manipulation to appear to come from behind and win by just enough margin to avoid recounts

Omaha churches...Nebraska churches, WHERE ARE YOU?! The devil got your tongues?

Did you know  that Omaha is home to the worldwide HQ of the Goliath provider of election products and services?

Consider that President Donald Trump’s real margin of re-election victory could NOT have been overcome solely by the treachery of diminutive Dominion. If Dominion had not leveraged ES&S's nation-wide vote count share they would have left a HUGE telltale statistical difference in election results between Dominion-serviced and the FAR larger ES&S-serviced precincts. That large of a difference would be shockingly obvious because the number of votes that ES&S election products count are twice the number that Dominion counts. In other words, without ES&S collusion, Dominion’s treacherous election products alone in no way could have had a chance stealthily to overcome President Trump’s true margin of re-election victory.

Mike Lindell talks about ES&S: July 5, 2022 "The Lindell Report" on FrankSpeech, (forward to the 11:30 timestamp)

The following report is provided to the public by Robert J. Borer, retired Fire Captain and Congressional Public Safety Medal of Valor Award recipient:
Friends, I just received this report from my friend Mike Mathis in SD (keep in mind SD uses ES&S machines just like we do):
Hi Robert,
Just wanted to share this with you from South Dakota.
Fred from Tripp County called this morning regarding the hand count. Long story short. They hand counted all precincts. After hand counting, all ballots were run through the machines. Today the commissioners met to sign off on the election. Seems one precinct had 356 ballots cast, 356 signatures in the poll book and when running through the machine, it only counted 281 ballots! 75 Short.
Machine was 75 short.

God bless, thanks for doing all you do!

Mike Mathis

Omaha churches...Nebraska churches, WHERE ARE YOU?! The devil got your tongues?

Did you know  that Omaha churches, of all churches in the nation, are uniquely attended by more ex-ES&S software developers and product technicians who are patriots and very willing, given the encouragement that their efforts would contribute to the cause and be synergistic with others’, to testify of their first-hand knowledge of election-corrupting capabilities of ES&S products and services?

Read this: information from an insider

If you have a Rumble account, see ES&S election equipment corrupting elections in Dallas County, TX

Omaha churches...Nebraska churches, why didn’t we know?
WHERE ARE YOU?! The devil got your tongues?

NOTICE TO ES&S: We are VERY willing to take this web site down if you will contract with us that WHEN YOUR ELECTION CHEATING IS PROVEN YOU’LL GIVE YOUR WORLDWIDE ASSETS TO US. If your products and services did not corrupt election results, then you should be quite happy to make such a contract.

ES&S, STOP SHUTTING DOWN THE TALLYING LATE ON ELECTION NIGHT TO STEAL THE VOTE!!!! It is SO obvious what you're doing during the shutdown! Races will flip and be won by just enough margins to avoid recounts. DUH! It's called HIGH TREASON. Did you even THINK before you got yourself into this? Patriots will NOT let you the last patriot.

NOTICE TO ALL – An event will be a sign of the shame of the counsel of ES&S attorneys and a sign that Heaven secures the ownership of ES&S assets WORLDWIDE for NEW WINESKINS UNLEASHED: ES&S attorneys will one day, without any human intervention, fall nto mud in their dress outfits and be muddied from their faces down to their dress shoes. Said event will have recorded proof for the world to see it. These statements are being made PROPHETICALLY without any intent by NEW WINESKINS UNLEASHED to influence by non-prophetic means to their fulfillment.

"Cleanup in aisle 46" I Alwaysknew 45:1

Links to items that raise the question all roads lead to Omaha?

Real letter:

Subject: ES&S and the county investigation

Honorable Peter C. Harvey,

Several ES&S election machine counting errors have been exposed in recent elections. Some came to light through hand recounts, others by inconsistent machine recounts. If even ONE of them is real this many years after the technology has been able to be perfected, their too-expensive gig needs to be over. There is no advantage of election machines so important that it should come at the expense of accuracy. If speed was one of those supposed advantages, ES&S and Dominion machine counting pauses for several hours after midnight in several elections totally debunk that as being important to the people in control of the machines. Please cut no slack to ES&S for any of their sloppiness. Purported advantages of free, fair, secure, speed, and anything else are insidious distractions to the most important need for accuracy in elections. Ballot counting accuracy is profoundly SACRED. I urge you not to be swayed by ES&S’ other distracting sales pitches for their products. It bears repeating and emphasis at the risk of sounding trite: accuracy cannot be sacrificed on the altars of any of their other sales pitches, especially that silly, shiny sales pitch of speed.

As a concerned citizen and resident of Nebraska, I hope you’ll accept my letter for your investigation of election problems. I ask you to consider the poor track record of ES&S election machine accuracy around the country. Whenever hand counts are conducted following ES&S machines counts, ES&S NEVER defends their machine accuracies. NEVER. They ALWAYS make some excuse about why their machine counts don’t match hand counts. I therefore ask you to agree with ES&S about that - their machines do not count votes accurately.

ES&S worldwide headquarters are located in Omaha, NE. For counting votes the entire state uses ES&S products and services exclusively. Although ES&S is by far the largest of the election machine companies in the entire country, they do NOT have a stellar reputation here in their home state. The people of this state, those who are informed anyway, are trying to get ES&S machines eliminated in favor of hand counting. ES&S seems to be doing their absolute best to go under the radar in silence. This kind of attraction they have to darkness indicates to us that they are dishonest and fearful of exposure. We have been observing those mysterious election night counting shutdowns followed by race reversals then squeaky tight victories by candidates who were never ahead during election day counting, and we are doggone fed up with it!

It is public knowledge that Scott County, IA is known to have proven ES&S equipment count problems in a legislative race last November. Maybe not so public is that a precinct in South Dakota caught ES&S equipment miscounting, reported here: These machines are legally required to achieve error rates far, far below the error rates ES&S is tacitly admitting to by their silence to defend them. Worse for ES&S would be for them to attract attention trying and failing to defend the indefensible, but PLEASE challenge them to do so anyway for the sake of accurate elections.

Besides the accuracy problems, WI investigator the Honorable Michael Gableman states in his 2020 election investigative report that ES&S machines allowed suspicious election night remote logins and vote count tampering. Nebraska's handicapped booths were caught with ES&S wifi vulnerabilities. You can be sure these incidents are but a tiny fraction of ES&S' inexcusable and apparently malevolent anomalies.

Thank you!

# # #

Thank you! Motivated parties, if you want to help let ES&S know they can't stay under the radar any longer, please consider sending something like this yourself.